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Pain Management Wairarapa

Pain Management Wairarapa is a physiotherapy business based in Masterton, covering the Wairarapa region, for clients with all injuries or persisting injuries.

Neck and back pain are the most common problems seen, although not exclusive. Get in touch and we can discuss your individual situation. A thorough assessment is performed, and treatment will vary from joint mobilisations, stretches and strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapist Julianne O'Donnell
Physio Consulation & Assessment with Julianne O'Donnell

Experience & Qualifications

My name is Julianne O’Donnell. I have post graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy and Pain Management, as well as extensive experience in all musculo-skeletal conditions.

Many clients need a specific exercise protocol for their injury as well as a fitness programme to return them to full fitness either for sport, doing hard manual labour or for just doing daily activities especially with a more mature client.

I have the great advantage of a well-equipped gym on site which clients use under supervision for their rehabilitation programme. We are registered with ACC and clients do not require a referral to attend.

Physiotherapy Services

Neck and back injuries

Neck and back injuries require a thorough assessment to ensure we do not miss a critical injury. After the injured tissues are identified they may require gentle moving, traction (opening the joint) or other means of allowing the tissues to settle down. Usually there is muscle spasm associated which increases the pain experienced and this is a protective measure by the brain to stop further injury. Once the client is assessed a suitable treatment is planned. Occasionally x-rays may be required prior to starting treatment as a safe- guard to moving tissues that are trying to heal. Once pain settles the strengthening process can start.

Sporting Injuries

Sporting Injuries are numerous and can happen at any part of the body. Early diagnosis is important for accelerating a speedy report to sport. Settling of the resultant inflammation with ice and ultrasound and often strapping or bracing to hold the injury in a good position is the first step. I have a post graduate diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and have worked with international teams during my time at the Australian Institute of Sport and am confident dealing with these injuries. The aim is always to get the sportsperson successfully back into their activity as soon as possible.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

I have both hospital and private practice experience and have guided many hip replacements, knee and ankle repairs back to full function from the early days until full rehabilitation has been achieved. More shoulder surgery is available now for injuries in this area and skilled guidance is required for a full rehabilitation.

Pain Management

Pain management was the area I studied for my Masters degree and I have seen clients have their lives turned around by following the well-developed programmes available in this area. Getting alongside someone struggling with pain and being able to show them techniques that help them is great for both patient and therapist.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques have improved considerably over the years and we now know how to rapidly improve a person’s capacity and comfort whether from an acute infection or a chronic condition. Breathing techniques can easily be improved in a short period of time. I am a Bradcliffe Practitioner who has done post graduate training in this specific area.

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Customer Testimonials

I have had occasion to consult Julianne on several issues regarding pain and muscle stiffness. Each time Julianne has treated me at her rooms and given me exercises to do at home and I have been most impressed with the results.  In particular regarding my stiff and sore neck – the range of  movement I have now is really good plus I am pain free.  I would recommend Julianne as a Physio, pain relief consultant and also as an empathetic listener.

Pauline - 2021

After a fall that reinjured old injuries and created new ones, I rang Julianne to get an appointment, she took me that day. Julianne organised all ACC applications, organised X-rays and scans. Julianne gave me a personalised plan to not only manage my pain but was also focused on mental & physical wellbeing . I was on painkillers for years due to back issues and after three months with Julianne I was better that I have ever been for years and have managed to reduce painkillers significantly. I would highly recommend Julianne and cannot thank her enough for giving me back  quality.

Vicky P - 2021

Following a shoulder injury my GP referred me to Julianne for some repair work! As it turned out shoulders are a complicated joint. Julianne was on to the issue quickly, her knowledge and exercise regime had me heading in the right direction quickly. Thanks Julianne, great work!

Craig - August 2021

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